Bridget Riley, July 18 ’89, 1989. Courtesy of Lance Uggla

45. July 18 ’89

ArtistBridget Riley
Mediumpencil and gouache on paper
DimensionsFramed: 3412 x 4318 x 178 in. (87.5 x 109.4 x 5 cm)
CollectionCourtesy of Lance Uggla

Riley’s pencil-and-gouache studies demonstrate the meticulous planning that underpins her practice. They also provide insight into how the artist works in the studio — from the inception of a painting to its completion. Before she begins any painting, Riley develops multiple preliminary studies to work out, through trial and error, the hues, shapes, color sequences, and scale of the piece she intends to make. These studies range from collages of colored paper and detailed watercolors to full-scale cartoons. Her assistants execute the final paintings.